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Hello and welcome to our site. About Us: Pro Racing Events is a joint website for two car racing attraction and entertainment companies located in the USA and Canada. The purpose of our cooperative was to offer turn key one stop racing entertainment attractions and service to any company or event across North America that is looking for entertaining racing ideas for all ages. Each company offers the same products and services with many years of experience in the rental industry.

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About Us:

Dana, is a retired Air force officer from the Canadian Military.  After serving in the Air force for nearly 20 years he decided to experience running his own business. With over fifteen years flying by the seat of his pants in this business, it is safe to say that blue skies lie ahead. His strength lies in his ability to bring fresh ideas to the table that will promote a company service or product effectively, and his enthusiasm ensures everyone has a great time at an event.

Muir, is the owner that runs operations throughout the USA. Before opening up his racing enterprise, Muir was a successful business man and contractor working for numerous firms setting up trade show booths and exhibits throughout the whole of the United States of America. He brings over 12 years of experience in racing entertainment to the venture. His greatest strength lies in his ability to create customized programs in relatively short time for our customers that will promote their company in a very positive way.

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Pro racing events operates from two main locations - Our main office in the <b> USA is based in Connecticut, </b> and the second location is based in <b> Nova Scotia, Canada. </b> We have been delivering car racing attractions across the USA and Canada for over a decade and as you can see in this recent picture - we are not limited to local jobs. Satellite locations in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Chicago are also operated throughout North America, so you know we can cover off your events without breaking the bank over logistics as best as we can.

As one of the original companies to feature Micro RC Stock Car Racing we were able to jump onto the Nascar craze very early on and have expanded on the car racing theme to be able to offer you complete and original custom packages. Packages that include but are not limited to full motion simulators, micro RC racing, pit stop challenge games, and more complete with customization to promote your products and services.

Through the use of interactive stock car racing games we came to realize that what people really want is Family rated entertainment that is competitive and exciting for any age or group anywhere in North America. That is where we shine.

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