What Corporate Event Ideas Work Best?

When it comes to entertaining your clients or attracting new ones, you need cutting edge Corporate event ideas to make the grade!

With so many distractions affecting your audience you have to wonder what entertainment would capture their attention and keep it there.

Consider the popularity of racing in North America. It is the #1 spectator sport on both sides of the 49th parallel, so it makes sense to consider a racing theme for a Corporate hospitality event.

Racing simulator excitement for a
corporate hospitality event

racing party
We believe racing is supreme, which is why we offer multiple racing party ideas for you to choose from for your company function. Check out the crowd of eager participants at this recent get together.

If you need some assistance with corporate hospitality events take a left turn at Pro Racing Events and put some excitement in the program.

What about your hard working staff?


If racing works for customers, it just has to make sense for your employees too.

Imagine the impact a racing tournament would have on your group. We have experienced this first hand, that racing events create long lasting, positive memories for everyone involved which is the bottom line for creating team spirit and unity. This professionally run commercial rc race track was a hit at a private party for a large automotive manufacturer that wanted to motivate the group.

Corporate Clients That Understand The Racing Advantage

Here is a partial list of some Pro Racing Events satisfied customers! Toyota, Chrysler, Michelin, Sony, Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, The Big Ex, The Armed Forces, Napa, Make a Wish Foundation and more!

At Pro Racing Events you will find the expertise you want and deserve for your company party across the United States and Canada.

There are many more concepts you could apply a racing program towards, so have a look at some of the racing ideas and contact us to put your next event in the winners circle.

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Here is a another page link for the festive season to show you this is a year round perfect party idea.

If you have already decided this idea will work for you check out our additional pages for more corporate event ideas for you to use.

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