Corporate Hospitality Event


Turn your next corporate hospitality event into the talk of the town with some racing party ideas from Pro Racing Events Associates. From long experience we know if you dress it up you will create the right feel for your next event that will make people take notice.

Corporate Party Ideas

Here is a list of corporate party ideas that we know will work.

1. Food - Finger food or full meals before the entertainment.

2. A DJ that knows how to mix good music with the racing games. It helps if he can call a race or two. We can help with this item.


3. Decor - Checkered everything from table cloths, to hospitality crews outfits. When in doubt put a checkered item on it. Invite everyone to wear their favorite Nascar Drivers jacket or shirt.

4. Prizes - Depending on the event you can select some gifts for your championship racers. Have some items on hand to keep track of the good drivers and the BAD drivers. Remember the idea is participation and memories.


5. Racing Entertainment Equipment - we suggest the micro reality stock car racing system for maximum participation. Other ideas include the pit stop challenge, racing simulators, game stations with the latest racing games in them such as Forza 2. Don't be afraid to add on Guitar Hero with some great tunes.

6. Refreshments - self serve or full host/hostess service

7. Lighting - green, yellow, and red will do the job. Lower the room lights if you are inside. Night racing is a great time.


8. Big screen TV's will have them cheering for more action. Make sure you have enough systems on hand for the size of your private event.

9. Dress up the area with some racing banners and flags. It is ok to promote your company event this way.

Corporate Hospitality Event

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