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Micro Reality Truck Racing Party

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One of the Newest Corporate party ideas in the marketplace is this remote control truck racing game. This is so new that the trucks still have the new from the showroom smell on them.

Bigger than the stock cars we run, this program is an idea that will create a buzz before, during, and after your event. Adding trucks to the mix is something unique that stands apart from the normal offerings. For a rental with a difference ask for the off road trucks and full sized racing consoles.

Micro Reality Racing Consoles

That make the stock car game even more exciting

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You are probably wondering how this game operates. It is quite simple! Each truck has it's own racing console with a steering wheel, shifter, and gas pedal. The rules are simple - shifter forward, step on the pedal and turn at the end of the straight away. Expect a lot of action on the track as your corporate racing party gets the green light on the way to the checkered flag.

Team events are an easy concept to incorporate into the game. Racing for the trophy and prize package has never been so much fun.

Custom Micro Stock Car Racing Vehicles

Are you interested in some custom work for your event. If the answer is yes click the link to see a few samples of our racing truck program. Superior graphics and paint will leave a positive impression on all spectators.

corporate racing party

Halifax, Nova Scotia and New York City
Racing Theme Party Rental

This game is currently available in Eastern Canada and the East Coast of the United States with more locations coming available in the near future. Stay tuned for more stock car racing action soon. Look for more Nascar Racing Party Ideas under micro reality racing to the left navigation buttons, and also view our variety of racing simulators featuring full motion and surround sound.

Corporate Party Ideas - Truck Racing Theme

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