Corporate Party Theme and Racing Event Advertising Materials

Making sure you promote your corporate party theme will help increase the excitement level as the racing event approaches. Create some buzz with these premade and editable pdf files.

Each file is designed for different nascar party games that we supply. The first pdf file is for our Short Track System. This is ideal for smaller areas such as trade booths or small rooms, but do not let the small size fool you. This system still incorporates all the features of the big race track with the same driving consoles and intense stock car action.

Short Track Support Materials

Corporate event rental flyer

This next file is our Corporate event rental flyer for the Microreality Superspeedway Stock Car Race Track. At 28 feet in length and featuring 6 micro reality stock cars on the track you can be sure it will entertain a large audience.

Superspeedway Race Track Materials

Headline your event location

Corporate Event Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, or New York. The information you should edit on the file is the location, the time of the racing party, and special ideas you might have. If you need some extra input contact us. We would love to help out.

For example, Captain Crunch is more than a cereal at our shop! We have many ideas that we could suggest to elevate the party a notch or two.

Corporate Party Theme Materials

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