Micro RC Cars

micro reality racing

Micro rc cars are ideal for trade shows where space is at a premium. Perhaps you have a smaller event and want to include some micro reality racing for the audience. Race car games are the perfect item to get some attention and keep it.

We really feel sorry for the other vendors when our mini stock car system hits the trade show floor. Having some fun seems like a much better idea than "would you like one of our pens or plastic bags".

Add a little customization to the cars such as a company logo and a few strategic banners and your message seed will be planted. A professional presentation always gets the attention. The real question is; is that what you are looking for?

micro rc cars

Has this ever happened to your booth at a trade show?

Hi Dana,

Live @5 wants to do a pre-taped segment at the trade show as part of our broadcast on Friday. They would be on site to tape at 2:30pm. Do you think we could have the (mini stock car track, or racing simulator, or stock car racing games, or Micro Reality system) set to go so they could try it out and put it on the air?

Thanks,(person in charge)

How much is that worth? Imagine a few banners on prime time at no charge to you. It happens! Entertainment gets the attention at every show. Sometimes too much attention for the TV and radio show managers, but that is another story. So go for something unique and make your booth the center of attention.

Mini Stock Car racing games are ideal for trade shows

micro reality stock car racing

Micro rc cars

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