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car racing game

Try this Microreality car racing attraction once and you will be hooked! Compete head to head on a variety of tracks and sizes against your co-workers to add some fun to the party.

This picture shows our micro rc racing track which is designed for company parties that may take place in a ballroom or event room. Easy to transport and setup, making it perfect for one day events. Also very popular with school events. Works inside or outside with available tent service that we also provide. Truly turn key service.To view more pictures of this RC car racing game just click this link.

Micro Reality Racing Trucks

car racing game

Micro Reality Off Road RC Race Trucks are new this year. Bigger, bolder and badder than the race cars, these trucks will be a great attraction for you to book. Choose this link to view this RC truck racing experience and some of its special features.

micro reality truck

Big Bank Oval Superspeedway

micro reality superspeedway race track

OK - this is it. This is the king of RC attractions. With up to 10 Nascar style RC race cars on a giant superspeedway the competition really heats up. Expect intense fun with plenty of spills as each driver races for the winners cup. All drivers welcome. Just grab the wheel, put the pedal to the metal, then hold on.

Select this link to view more pictures of the Micro Reality Racing Superspeedway that is well suited for bigger events or shows where you want to make a big splash.

MicroReality Short Track Racing

Are you interested in a smaller car racing game system that requires less space but still has all the excitement of the big track. This link will take you to a page that features a unique micro racing track that is perfect for tight spaces and smaller budgets. Impress your customers with some interactive entertainment from Pro Racing Events.
If you have a promotion in mind for an event, why not check out our custom company programs that feature options such as your own personal nascar rc cars or company branded off road RC race trucks and matching racing console advertising package.

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