Ten Car Microreality Nascar Superspeedway

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Microreality Nascar stock car racing has been pleasing crowds of all ages for over a decade with no sign of slowing down. Racing theme parties "must" include a remote control race car game if you are expecting a large group of nascar racing fans and enthusiasts.

With TEN Nascar style stock cars on this Superspeedway you have the ability to handle hundreds of racers per hour. So what are you waiting for? Step on the pedal and book your next event with Pro Racing Events and put your next event in the winners circle. The "Contact Form" at the bottom of this page will gather the information you need to make an informed decision. We return email information requests with 24 hours.

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Ten Car RC Game

Car Racing Party Ideas

race fan Micro reality Stock Car or Off road truck excitement. Imagine the fun you and your guests will have driving on this cool micro reality track that features 6 or more micro reality stock car racing rc cars. Kick off your next event with this action packed crowd pleasing entertainment system.

Each driver has a steering wheel and speed shifter to control their individual remote control micro reality nascar race car on the big banked oval track. No need to worry about all the race car bumpin and banging action, "cuz bumpins racin". If you get spun around just push your shifter into reverse, turn the wheel, and get right back into the race.

Each drivers car is tracked to record their race laps that are computer scored and controlled to determine who is the real race winner. This is ideal for running a competition for a nascar themed racing party or event.

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