Nascar Simulator Rental

racing simulator rental

A Nascar simulator rental helps an event stand out from the competition which is why our group jumped all over this game the first time we saw it. Needless to say the big smiles on peoples faces says it all.

What an attraction the driving simulation has become! Everyone gets so excited when they see the car roll out of the trailer for the next event. They become even more excited when they hear anyone can drive the car.

The biggest problem we face is not being able to drive the car ourselves. How is it possible when people line up for over an hour before the start of an event so they can race the nascar simulator. That is why we tell companies that a nascar simulator race car is an easy way to put your brand front and center in peoples minds. Put people behind the wheel of a great attraction and word of mouth takes off.

Simulator Rental - A Major Attraction

nascar simulator rental

If you are like most people, you understand the potential of Nascar and using a racing simulator system for an event or promotion. They are always a top draw every time they come to a show. The car comes ready to run with professional attendants to keep everyone racing.

People at an event are keenly interested in driving anything Nascar related. This race car is ideal for taking advantage of this fact by advertising on the car as shown in many of the pictures.

The entertainment value is excellent for the racer and the audience. Add some interaction and people are very likely to recognize and remember the sponsor that brought out this top tier racing simulator to their event. This is more than a game, it is an experience!

Drivers View in the Race Car

racing simulator

The big screen on the 3/4 scale race car allows spectators to watch all the action taking place in the race. What we are looking for is the fastest lap times during each drivers run. We use these times to hand out prizes and trophies.

Nascar Simulator Rentals

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Nascar Simulator Rental

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