Nascar Simulators are amazing!

Have you experienced nascar simulators at an event? If you have you know how realistic and fun they can be. If you haven't tried one you are missing out on the leaps and bounds that simulation has taken in Canada and the United States when it comes to next generation racing simulators. At the end of this page is a video of a crash during one of the customers races. You really need to check it out!

nascar simulators

Race Simulator effects

The race simulator of today doesn't pretend to race, but actually mimics real life. For example as you are running at top speed with cars behind you; you will feel the uneasy sensation of your back end getting loose. This happens in racing because you are losing down force on your rear end which is in effect being taken away by the car(s) behind you.

race simulator

Realistic Racing Simulator Motion

One of the most amazing items we have felt is when the car goes over a ripple or bump in the road and you actually can feel it.Those little red and white corner rumble strips actually cause minor motion, all picked up by the motion simulator.

Next time you see one of these cars join the line up and give yourself a memory to last a long time. This is one rental item you need to drive to believe. Turn up your computers volume and check out this simulator crash during a race. Notice that there is just enough motion to create excitement for even the spectators. If you look close enough you will see the smoke billowing out of the car on the display screen. At over 55 inches this projector screen will totally immerse you into the racing simulation.

Nascar Simulators

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