Pit Stop Challenge

The Pit Stop Challenge game will add plenty of excitement to your next trade show exhibit display. You will have people lining up to have some fun which will set your booth apart from the rest. Make an impression with full size tires and accessories that look and feel like the ones the pros use at racing events. At a trade show booth, the pit stop game may be the right idea for you to interact with people. It is ideal for getting some spectator participation by seeing who can change a nascar racing wheel the fastest and with some advertising applied right to the game you promote your brand at the same time. 

If you want to keep track of the best scores this will give you more attention by offering a prize to the winner(s). The tire changing game works well for more than just automotive businesses. With the assistance of the attendants anyone can get involved with this attraction.

This game is also an excellent addition for a nascar party theme when included with the micro reality stock car racing track and Nascar style racing simulator.

Trade Show Display

A full motion race car never fails to draw in the crowds. We put the customer in the drivers seat using a real race car with full vehicle motion. Add vinyl graphics with your company logo and uniformed attendants to complete the look. This picture is a company promotion that we provided turn key including the tent and spectators TV display. On the display you will see the race track and driver together. Top speed and fastest lap information will be available for each race car driver.

Corporate Event Games

When the corporate event program calls for a load of fun look no further than our giant RC race track featuring all the latest star drivers cars and room for up to 10 players at one time. This attraction has all the racing action including high speed racing, crashes, music, announcers calling the play by play and lots more. Trust us when we say this is fun for all the members of the family.  

Options available for this game include custom company cars and numbering plus custom vinyl skirting with company logos etc. Trust pro racing events to complete the setup, operations, and teardown professionally each and every time we do an event. More than 20 years of experience comes with every setup.

Pit Stop Challenge

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