Racing Party with a Nascar Theme

As you can see a racing party with a Nascar theme is very popular with most people. In this section you will find ideas for day camps and larger events or even special birthday party gatherings. Imagine the excitement of some friendly competition and all the laughter as you see who is the top racer at your event.

Micro Reality Mini Track

micro reality rentalA perfect item we carry for quick events is the mini track that has all the features of the big track for less money. This system is designed for four racers at one time and can fit in smaller areas. contact us for more information on this or any other game.

NYC party rental - race track trailer

(The following system is only available in the Boston to New York City party rental area)The big guns for this type of event are the Fast Track Trailer. Definitely a great rental with it's quick setup and tear down.

The arcade video style rental games are available with the fast track and can also be found with our location in Nova Scotia, Canada.

All areas feature the micro reality stock car racing system, and the pit stop challenge.

mobile race track

Here are some quick links for the racing events programs. Any questions, just contact us using the form on the Contact Page.

Micro reality stock car system

Gamezilla and our Arcade Style Racing Games

Fast-track trailer

The Pit Stop Challenge

Racing Party

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