Racing Simulator

The Racing Simulator you are viewing on this page features full motion action (the whole car moves with you in it). You will quickly discover how realistic the driving is with the competition software on board. Lose grip in a corner or have someone run into your back end and you could be careening off of the wall at over 150 miles per hour.

Trust me when I say that the car doesn't just vibrate the steering wheel or rattle you a little in a smash up. No matter, as it can handle whatever you give it. This is as close to stock car driving as one can get without buying a real Nascar racing car.

Racing Simulator Rental

A driving simulation will be the center of attention for entertainment at private parties or it can engage customers equally well during your Business Promotion.

No matter what the event, racing is still the entertainment King in North America. To learn more or immediately book an event please fill out the contact form below. Information will be delivered to your email within 24 hours.

Experience a professional approach for your corporate event or trade show with an interactive experience with award winning appeal.

Select this page link to view some more pictures of recent racing events that we have attended. One item to notice is that the customers waiting to drive are always entertained, as they can easily view the current drivers race. When a driver makes a mistake and spins out, the audience always lets you know by the gasping, laughing, and teasing. Of course this attracts more people eager to see what is going on.

When it comes to a trade show booth it makes sense to include interactive ideas that will leave a positive impression on your prospect.

Branding or Trade Show Idea

How cool is this idea that we recently completed in NYC. Not something you would expect to see in a specialty store but it worked great. Stand out from the competition with branded promotional ideas like this F1 racing sim with attendant to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

As you can see from the picture there is lots of space available for advertising on the side of the racing pod or race car. What a fantastic way to promote your company or product that will get everyone's attention at your event or private party.

Contact us for details on taking your program up a level or two with some amazing racing entertainment ideas. We can see the crowds forming already to take a drive. Racing simulator rentals are available from Reno, Las Vegas to the eastern seaboard, with an office in Toronto Canada too.

Racing Simulator

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