Commercial Remote Control Car Games

Look at these micro reality remote control car games. They are completely customized for our client and company product line. The added benefit is this system is mobile for ease of transport to almost any location.

With printable vinyl and professional graphic design work you can put almost anything on a car, banner, or audio visual lap counter display to present to your clients or prospects. Set up a great pit stop for your next event with a professional remote control car game.

Remote control car racing game rental

You have many choices for remote control car racing game rental packages. From smaller spaces like at trade shows the mini racing track is your best choice. Click the link to see an example.

Our larger micro reality stock car racing games are a step up for larger venues, so you have choices that will fit any program.

Provide us with your logo, tag line, and company information and we will create a nascar style promotion to put your product, or brand at the center of attention on the big banked oval or racing simulator.

Race car sims

Race car sims offer a unique approach that will set you apart from your competitors. If you are not convinced think about the last event you attended and see if you noticed this type of attraction. Cutting edge entertainment will see long lines of interested people.

For more examples of unique racing entertainment look over the page covering racing simulator programs designed for companies of all sizes.

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